Kim FtM Phalloplasty: Conjoined Bilateral Pedicled Groin Flap

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Kim FtM Penis

Dr Kim is Invited Speaker at 14th Biennial Meeting Asia-Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine Kanazawa, Japan, 31 May to 2 June 2013

Conjoined Bilateral Pedicled Groin Flap FtM Phalloplasty, also known as Kim FtM Phalloplasty or Kim FtM Penis costs less than Perovic Total Phalloplasty but FtM penis size is dictated by the details of the person's body and size.

There are no options about penis size but the penis can still be used to urinate standing and results in larger penis size than metoidioplasty.

And it is still big enough and long enough to accommodate a penile prosthesis implant to enable and FtM erection & FtM sex.

Kim FtM Penis with Penile Prothesis for FtM Sex

The penis length resulting from Kim FtM Phalloplasty is slightly below the average penis length for natal males in most countries of the world except India [10.1 cm (4")] and Korea [9.6 cm (3.8")].

Basically, the size and realism of the resulting penis is directly proportional to the cost and number of hours in surgery.

Conjoined Bilateral Pedicled Groin Flap FtM Phalloplasty and Perovic Total Phalloplasty can be compared like cars: Perovic Total Phalloplasty is similar to a high-end Mercedes Benz or luxury class BMW and Kim FtM Phalloplasty is more like a Hyundai passenger car — it works, it gets you were you are going, it is good value for the money, it's safe, and it looks OK.

Kim FtM Phalloplasty, results in larger and better neophallus than radial forearm phalloplasty and metoidioplasty.

Kim FtM Penis

The results of more nearly four dozen patients has shown the scarring is significantly less than radial forearm phalloplasty and is totally concealed by underwear or a swimming suit.

Perovic Total Phalloplasty is much more complex, difficult, time-consuming, challenging and advanced so the patient can get a 6 or 7 inch penis with a very realistic effect that can be difficult to distinguish from the penis of a natal male.

Total Phalloplasty gets the best result in every way but is a significantly bigger investment and available to fewer & fewer patients as surgeries at Sava Perovic Foundation Belgrade get more expensive and the surgery schedule there fills up months and months in advance.

FtM gender reassignment surgery

A Kim FtM Penis averages about 10.5 cm long (4.1 inches) and 4.5 cm wide (diameter, 1.8 inches thick).

It is suitable for a malleable penile prosthesis implant but not so suitable for an inflatable prosthesis.

After penile prosthesis implantation, the penis may get slightly longer and bigger. About 40% of patients decide to get a penile implant.

FtM phalloplasty photos

Like Perovic Total Phalloplasty, Conjoined Bilateral Pedicled Groin Flap FtM Phalloplasty is also a three stage procedure

However, in Kim FtM Phalloplasty urethroplasty is Stage Three and penile prosthesis implant surgery is Stage Two — the reverse of Perovic Total Phalloplasty.

Stages must be at least three months apart.

Surgical fees are precise package prices, not approximate.

The package price includes everything relevant to the medical nature of the visit to Seoul, including pickup from the airport and return there when it is time to depart for home.

Not included in the package price would be food other than meals provided while staying in the hospital and lodging outside of the hospital.

No FtM gender reassignment surgery (SRS organ removal) is included in any stages of this FtM surgery except vaginectomy in Stage Three.

Total for all stages of Kim FtM Phalloplasty in 2014 is US$27600.

Kim FtM Phalloplasty Stage One - bilateral groin flap phalloplasty + testicular prostheses - no urethral prefabrications: US$12000. It requires seven nights stay in hospital and three weeks total time in Seoul.

Stage Two - vaginectomy + penile urethra prefabrications with vaginal mucosa: US$7200. It requires 3-4 nights stay in hospital and two weeks total time in Korea.

Stage Three -  penile prosthesis implantation (malleable type) + urethral realignment (connection of proximal and distal part; similar to metoidioplasty): US$8400. It requires 4-5 nights in hospital and two weeks total period of time in Korea.

Kim Phalloplasty hides all donor site scars much better than radial forearm phalloplasty.

It is a good choice if Perovic Total Phalloplasty is too costly.

The surgical results are more modest but still good value for money and creates an effective, useful penis.

A Kim FtM penis enables urinating while standing and holding it — point-and-shoot capability.

Kim FtM Phalloplasty also enables sexual intercourse with a partner.

Penis size is very much controlled by the size of patient and donor site area.

Erotic sensation and orgasm continues to be provided by the clitoris preserved at the base of the neophallus. Patients report tactile sensation in the bottom half of the penis.

It cannot produce a penis as long as Perovic Total Phalloplasty but it CAN produce a penis competitive with the national average size of natal male penises in many countries.

Case Manager's Phone: +1-216-220-4220 (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
All procedures performed in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
(airfare adds about US$900 to total cost for Americans — still great value for money!)

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