Female to Male GRS

FtM Top Surgery Keyhole Procedure

FtM mastectomy top surgery requires psychiatric approval as per WPATH Standards of Care.

Mastectomy categories:

  1. Small — requires two hours of surgery using “key-hole” procedure: US$3000
  2. Extended Keyhole FtM Mastectomy
  3. Medium or larger in size — requires 2.5-3 hours of surgery using “extended keyhole” procedure: US$3600
  4. Skin excision procedure — requires 3-4 hours of surgery: US$4200.
  5. Skin excision and relocation of nipple and Areola — requires more than four hours of surgery: US$4800
Extended Keyhole FtM Mastectomy scars

Nipple and Areola reduction procedure is included in these prices.

Hospital stay may be one or two days.


The suction drain will be removed within 5-7 days.

Skin suture removal is usually not needed, because Dr Kim uses absorbable suture material.

Costs quotations are issued on a case-by-case basis and can fall between the four major categories listed above.

Skin excision mastectomy and relocation of nipple and Areola