How Much for YOUR Treatment?

Type and amount of penis enlargement material is the choice of the patient.

Cost varies according to both TYPE and AMOUNT.

Total cost varies according to:

  1. type of enhancement material used (MegaDerm, HA, MegaFill);
  2. the amount of enhancement material that can be used (depends on original size of penis and size increase goal); and
  3. number of procedures you get.
Prices and payment options for urogenital surgery by Dr Kim Jin Hong

Prices are quoted as fixed-price, flat-fee packages that include everything medically relevant, such as:

  1. Doctor's surgical fee or technical fee +
  2. medical materials cost +
  3. nursing and aftercare costs.

Package prices do NOT include any OPTIONS you may choose, all of which are listed below. The costs of options are added to the total.

Pre-operative testing for SURGERY is not included in any prices quoted and costs US$200:

  1. Blood analyses showing negative for all common infectious diseases such as HIV, HBV, HC
  2. Urine analyses
  3. PT (Prothrombine time)
  4. PTT (Partial Thromboplastine Time)
  5. EKG or ECG and possibly a
  6. Chest X-ray

Size enhancement materials cost several times more than the surgical or technical fee of Dr Kim. The cost of size enlargement materials varies. The doctor's fee is fixed and unrelated to how much material you buy.

You must work with the doctor to create a customized solution that fits your budget and comes closest to achieving your goals.

You can do that in advance from afar. Some patients prefer to do it face-to-face with Dr Kim in Seoul.

You do not need an evaluation in advance unless you have a problem with your penis not related to size.

For a long-distance evaluation, Dr Kim needs photos and accurate measurements of your penis length and girth in flaccid and erect states.

Tell us the procedure(s) you want, type of filler you want, and the amount of material. The surgeon will then be able to advise whether your plan is suitable and the cost.

Some men want to make their penis much bigger than they can afford.

Some men can afford to make their penis as big as they want but it cannot be achieved in a single trip to Seoul. Generally, the maximum amount of MegaFill men can safely accommodate in their penis during one visit to South Korea is 70 ml with some men able to get up to 91 ml. That is a possibility, not a recommendation. Maximum possible CuteGel Ultra injections probably will not exceed 60-70 ml.

Price List

These package prices are flat fees that include surgeon's fee & a specified amount of enhancement material (if relevant) and all post-op care.

South Koreans are the world's #1 user of credit cards. But ALL quoted prices are for cash payments ONLY.

Add 50% to all prices for payment by credit card.

Prices are quoted in US dollars for international standardization. But the equivalent amount in Korean Won can be obtained using any major, international currency.

That means: if you are from a country which does not use US dollars, you can use your own currency (Euro, AU$, CA$, NZ$) and convert it directly to Korean Won in Seoul, never using US dollars.

There is a bank on the ground floor of our building. See below for more details.

Injection Treatments

Surgeon's top recommendation Penis Enlargement using MegaFill Injections

  • 7 ml: US$1400
    (for tiny penis, few $ or minor size increase)
  • 14 ml: US$2300
    (for tiny penis, few $ or minor size increase)
  • 21 ml: US$3200
    (1 injection session, 3-day stay in Seoul)
  • 28 ml: US$4100
    (1 injection session, 3-day stay in Seoul)
  • 35 ml: US$5000
    (1 injection session, 3-day stay in Seoul)
  • 42 ml: US$5900
    (2 injection sessions in 1 trip to Seoul, 10-day stay)
  • 49 ml: US$6800
    (2 injection sessions in 1 trip to Seoul, 10-day stay)
    [more volume, lower cost than PLGA scaffold]
  • 56 ml: US$7700
    (2 injection sessions in 1 trip to Seoul, 10-day stay)
    [circumcision might be advisable]
  • 63 ml: US$8600
    (2 injection sessions in 1 trip to Seoul, 10-day stay)
    [circumcision might be advisable]
  • 70 ml: US$9500
    (2 injection sessions in 1 trip to Seoul, 10-day stay)
    [circumcision might be advisable]
  • 77 ml: US$10400
    (2 injection sessions in 1 trip to Seoul, 10-day stay)
    [circumcision might be advisable]
  • 84 ml: US$11300
    (2 injection sessions in 1 trip to Seoul, 10-day stay)
    [circumcision might be advisable]
  • or more

Penis Enlargement using “Cutegel ULTRA” Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Injections

  • 20 ml US$2500
  • 25 ml: US$3000
  • 30 ml: US$3500
  • 35 ml: US$4000
  • 40 ml: US$4500
  • 45 ml: US$5000
  • 50 ml: US$5500
  • 55 ml: US$6000
  • 60 ml: US$6500
  • 65 ml: US$7000
  • 70 ml: US$7500
  • 75 ml: US$8000
  • 80 ml: US$8500
  • 85 ml: US$9000

Premature Ejaculation Correction

  • Correction of premature ejaculation using glans enhancement by injection of HA filler (not Cutegel ULTRA): US$2400

Open Surgery

Penis Enlargement

  • Girth Enhancement using MegaDerm Allograft (injections recommended instead):
    • Single sheet (40 x 70 x 4 mm): US$4300
    • Double sheet (40 x 70 x 4 mm): US$6000
    • Single sheet 20% extra thick (40 x 70 x 5 mm): US$4750
    • Double sheet 20% extra thick (40 x 70 x 5 mm): US$6600

  • Glans Enhancement using:
    • MegaDerm allograft sheet: US$2400 (no longer recommended)
    • 3 ml of HA: US$1500
    • 6 ml of HA: US$2500

  • ONLY Penis Lengthening by Z-plasty at penile-pubic junction
    (discouraged, girth enhancement recommended instead): US$1800
  • Penile Lengthening done together with other procedure: US$1200

  • Free Fat Transfer (FFT) Size Enlargement: US$1800
    (free additional FFT touch up within six months using remaining pre-harvested & cryopreserved fat)
  • Pre-pubic Liposuction & FFT Penile Enlargement: US$2400
    (same free touch up service)

  • Abdominal-Genital Surgical Re-engineering to Maximize Penis Length & Size (Buried Penis Correction): US$6000 and up

  • Liposuction costs:
    • up to 1000 ml under local anesthesia — US$2400
    • up to 1000 ml under epidural anesthesia — US$3000
    • up to 1000 ml under general anesthesia — US$3400 and
    • over 1000 ml, add US$1000
    • maximum of 3-5 liters of fat can be removed by liposuction during one surgical session
    • more than 5 liters cannot be removed because of increased risk of fat embolism
    • main goal of liposuction is body contouring — not weight loss

  • Circumcision: US$600

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment by Surgical Implantation of Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (IPP)

  • Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Implantation Surgery using Coloplast device: US$15000
  • “Real Penile Lengthening” (1 to 1.5 inches) with simultaneous implantation of Coloplast IPP: US$20000
  • Malleable Penile Prosthesis Implantation Surgery: US$8000

Female Surgery: Vaginal Rejuvenation

  1. hymenoplasty (hymenorrhaphy): US$2000 (US$5000 in USA)
  2. perineoplasty (perineorrhaphy): US$2000
  3. minora labiaplasty: US$2400 (up to US$6000 in USA)
  4. majora labiaplasty (reduction): US$3500
  5. clitoral hood reduction (hoodectomy): US$1000
  6. posterior vaginoplasty: US$2400
  7. anteroposterior vaginoplasty: US$5500 (compared to US$8500 in USA)
  8. labia filling: US$1500
  9. functional and aesthetic pelvic reconstruction (cost varies); and
  10. revision and improvement of unsatisfactory women's surgery by other physicians (cost varies).

Options (not needed) are:

  • type of anesthesia;
  • in-patient or out-patient (out-patient is the default)
  • type of room (if in-patient is chosen).

F2M Top Surgery

  • “Extended Keyhole” Mastectomy (small to medium-size breasts): US$3600 (send photos to check suitability)
  • Skin Excision Mastectomy (medium to large-size breasts): US$4200
  • Skin Excision Mastectomy & Relocation of Nipple & Areola: US$4800

Dr Kim reserves the right to require general anesthesia be used when his medical opinion is that it would be in the best interests of the patient.

FtM Bottom Surgery

  • FtM Phalloplasty: Conjoined Bilateral Pedicled Groin Flap - All Stages: US$27600
    1. Stage One: US$12000 (phalloplasty using bi-lateral groin flap, testicular implants)
    2. Stage Two: US$8400 (penile prosthesis implantation, vaginectomy and penile urethra pre-fabrication with vaginal mucosa)
    3. Stage Three: US$7200 (urethral realignment and glans reconstruction)
  • Trans-vaginal Hysterectomy & simultaneous removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries (TVH & BSO): US$3600
    • Hours of surgery: 2~3
    • Nights in hospital: 1~2
    • Minimum Advisable Period of Post-op Care in Seoul: 1 week
    • Recommended Period of Post-op Care in Seoul: 2 weeks
  • Laparoscopic TVH & BSO: ask price
  • Metoidioplasty with vaginectomy, clitoral release, clitoral lengthening, urethroplasty, and scrotoplasty (including 15~ 20 ml testicular prostheses): US$12000
  • Metoidioplasty with TVH & BSO, vaginectomy, clitoral release, clitoral lengthening, urethroplasty, and scrotoplasty (including 15~ 20 ml testicular prostheses): US$15600
    • Hours of surgery: 5.5 ~ 8
    • Nights in hospital: 3 ~5
    • Minimum Advisable Period of Post-op Care in Seoul: 3 weeks
    • Recommended Period of Post-op Care in Seoul: 4 weeks
  • Only FtM Scrotoplasty under local anesthesia, including testicular implants (20-30 ml silicone cohesive gel implants from Silimed) US$5000
  • Only FtM Inflatable penile prosthesis implantation surgery: US$16000 (implant included)
  • Only FtM malleable penile prosthesis implantation: US$8000 (implant included)
  • Simultaneous FtM inflatable penile prosthesis implantation and scrotoplasty: discount total US$1000
  • FtM Penis Urethroplasty Upgrade: US$9200

Dr Kim reserves the right to require general anesthesia be used when his medical opinion is that it would be in the best interests of the patient.

MtF Bottom Surgery

  • Recto-Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty, Clitoroplasty, Labiaplasty, etc (complete solution): US$10000 for doctor's surgical fee (no previous bottom surgery)
  • National Medical Center fees: less than US$16000 (approximate cost for two weeks stay, depends on strength of patient, speed of recovery, nights in hospital)
    • 14-20 days in hospital
    • hospital charges payable by credit card with NO surcharge (paid directly to hospital, no markup by surgeon)
    • surgeon's fee payable in cash only
    • 6-8 hours of surgery
    • 4 weeks recovery in Seoul
  • Vaginoplasty by Penile Inversion Technique: US$12000
    • performed at the clinic
    • performed using an epidural
    • general anesthesia costs additional US$2000 (not included in package price)
    • approximately 4-7 nights stay in clinic
    • urinary catheter implanted for 14 days
    • orchieotomy is included in this surgical package. (Orchieotomy done separately costs US$1500.)


  • Face-to-face consultation with Dr Kim: US$200 (credited towards treatment if person becomes patient)
  • One night stay in National Medical Center [NMC] (rarely needed): US$400/night for private room, US$200/night for bed in 6-person ward
  • Intravenous, spinal epidural or general anesthesia: US$575
  • additional costs for HIV+ patient getting a small procedure (injections only): US$500
  • additional costs for HIV+ patient getting any small open surgery: US$1000
Currencies exchanged by KEB Hana Bank

Prices quoted here are for cash only.

Credit cards incur a 50% government tax for Dr Kim. If you want these prices, if you want to minimize your taxes — do NOT use a credit card or debit card to pay.

In Seoul, you can withdraw only limited amounts of cash daily using debit cards — usually only US$800. That will NOT be sufficient to get treatment. unless you come 5-6 days early and withdraw money every day. Bring sufficient cash.

An alternative to carrying cash is to bring traveler checks and exchange those at Korea Exchange Bank (KEB Hana Bank), a specialized foreign exchange bank a few floors below the clinic in the same building.

KEB will require a universally accepted money instrument.

After your consultation and examination with Dr Kim, there will be a short break time before treatment. During that time, a patient can convert traveler checks or foreign currency at KEB, then bring the Korean Won upstairs to pay for the medical treatment.

In rare cases, we can accept all or partial payment by wire transfer in advance and the patient can still enjoy the cash prices. If you want to pay by wire transfer, ask us about it.

Blood tests and other pre-operative tests from abroad are legally unacceptable in Korea. They can assure you in advance you will not need any special care or a special facility at NMC but all tests will need to be done in Seoul.

Evaluations & Price Quotations from Dr Kim

All comments and recommendations by Dr Kim are based on the photos, medical history, medical imaging, medical reports and other information patients provide.

Cost, comments, suggestions and recommendations are tentative, conditional, and totally dependent on the accuracy, completeness and comprehensiveness of the information a patient shares long distance in advance.

Long-distance evaluations by email are free.

Everything must be confirmed by Dr Kim after he has thoroughly examined you in his Seoul office and had the face-to-face consultation and discussion with you.

All published prices are for cash payments only.