Why is PMMA Bad?

Some patients have asked us: What is PMMA? It is polymethylmethacrylate — also know as poly-methylmethacrylate or polymethyl methacrylate.

PMMA is bad for penis enlargement

Regardless of risk, penile dysmorphic disorder has driven some men to get inadvisable penis enlargement using PMMA injected into their penis in Tijuana, Mexico or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Although it has supposedly been “in common medical use for half a century”, a Google search will result in no clear definition and no other medical use.

Most importantly, PMMA IS reported to be “irreversible and may have side effects including loss of sensation, inability to perform penetrative intercourse, scarring and deformation.”

Do you really need to know any more? Avoid it! PMMA is a bad idea.

It is plastic. It is a processed polymer derived from oil — petroleum. Do you really want plastic in your penis?

Impure, Adulterated, Expensive, Dangerous!

It can be difficult and costly for a doctor to get a pure form of PMMA. It has been reported that criminal gangs in Europe have imported cheap forms of PMMA from China, diluted it to 1% of original purity and distributed it widely.

That diluted form of the cheap PMMA is nasty stuff and it is everywhere. It produces a very bad result for the patient regardless of the doctor or the part of the person's anatomy where it is used. Some reports claim it is a carcinogen.

Top quality PMMA from Germany costs at least US$200/ml — one milliliter — and it would take at least 20 ml to get a visually obvious result (US$4000), perhaps 30-40 ml (US$8000). That is only the cost to the doctor, not your price and does not include the doctor's fee.

If the price quoted to you is significantly lower, ask yourself: “How can that be?”

Dr Kim does not and will not use PMMA.

He advises patients to choose superior alternative materials which are much safer such as MegaFill or HA.

Lipen 10 is another inadvisable product. The creator will replace it with a superior product that is currently undergoing Korean government approval.

MegaFill™ is a registered name and/or trademark of L&C BioGyeonggi-Do, South Korea.